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Please Help University of the Arts Senior Photo Majors!

"The University of the Arts Photography Class of 2013 has been working relentlessly this past year on developing their Senior Theis projects- As a class we have decided to celebrate and share our artwork with the public by holding an off campus show at the Icebox Gallery in the Crane Arts Building (located in Philadelphia).

We hope for the opening of this show, which will take place on Friday, April 26th, to be a celebration of our accomplishments! We look forward to holding this event, however we need YOUR help in order to make it happen!

We need to raise $1,100 over the course of the next month to make sure that this event can successfully take place! Your donations to our campaign will go directly towards funding both the rental of the Icebox Gallery (for the time of April 24th to May 2nd), as well as the memorable event that we hope to make of our opening night! We plan to provide food, drinks, and entertainment for all of our guests on the night of April 26th, however these things don’t come free-so we need to fundraise in order to make sure that our show will be memorable for all in attendance! 

Please consider donating to our campaign and then be sure to come and see the art we have created!

The Icebox Gallery is located in the Crane Arts Building at 1400 N. American St, Philadelphia PA.

Bring your friends and spread the word!

Thanks to all from The University of the Arts Photography Seniors!”

- I am part of this show and I would greatly appreciate any help you can provide. ~ Brittney Bowers Photography. 

  • 25 February 2013
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